I sit by myself, and realize I am thinking about you.
Am I in love?
I would mop the ocean dry for you
Am I in love?
I would fly to the sun just for you
Am I in love?
I would collect bullets for you
Am I in love?
I would put the moon in your bathroom
Am I in love?
I would put all the stars in your room
Am I in love?
I would beg the fairies to be at your command
Am I in love?
I would spend every moment in your arms without any thoughts but you
Am I in love?





“Was this a good idea?” I said to myself. This must be crazy, or do I say, I must be crazy. The man who smashed my heart into pieces has a wife who is in labor, and I am driving her to the hospital. I looked at her, and she had tears in her eyes with her hand holding her tummy like the baby was going to drop. She kept on shaking her head and shouting:

“Please drive fast.” I held her hands and said, “it is going to be ok, and I am here with you”. I had no idea if that meant anything to her.

We got to the hospital in no time. Trust me when I say Patrick’s wife is a strong woman. Before I could come out of the car, she already helped herself and was by the hospital entrance.

She was in the ward when I called Patrick’s phone. Why I have his phone number, I had no idea. I just gave him a short message on the phone, your wife is in the hospital and she is in labor.

“What, she is only seven months pregnant” I hung up; I didn’t care what he was saying. I sent him a message telling him the hospital I took her to. I really was not interested in hearing his voice. He must probably be wondering why I didn’t call him to take her to the hospital, but I really don’t care.

I went into the room Patrick’s wife was allocated, and she looked at me and said

“Please tell me you didn’t call Patrick” I got confused “I thought you would want him here, he is your husband” I told her. She looked away and murmured under her breadth:

“I don’t know for how much longer he would be a husband”. The pain kicked in again, and she let out a loud scream, I ran to her and held her hands. It seemed whenever I held her hands she felt secured. I had no idea when tears started to roll down my face

“please don’t leave me” she said.  “I am sorry, I don’t know your name,” I told her. I was thinking if she heard me and then she said,

“my name is Peju”. She let out another scream. I was beginning to get scared, and then I remembered how Patrick said she is just seven months pregnant, now I was really scared. Is this how pregnancy is? If this is how it is, I think it is better I just adopt, I cant see myself enduring this pain.

Someone rushed into the ward, and it was Patrick followed by his minions and my friends. Seun rushed to me and gave me a big hug. I needed that hug. By this time everyone noticed my tears, Jason offered me his handkerchief and wiped my tears off. It is weird how he has always been there in my sorrowful times; he deserves a chance to see me happy at least, once.

Patrick was talking to his wife, and she seemed to be ignoring him. I looked at Busola, and the expression on her face was just jealousy and hate.

The doctor came in, and said,

“I am sorry but Peju has to go into the labor room, I am afraid, it is time.” Some nurses came in and took her away from us. We all went to the reception to wait. All of a sudden, Busola fainted, good thing we were in the hospital. The Nurses came and rushed her into a ward. What’s the worse that could happen? We had two people on hospital beds.

One hour later, I approached the nurse by the reception and asked about Peju and Busola.

“Busola just woke up and would like to see you alone, but Peju is still in the labor room.”

She said. She directed me to Busola’s room. I entered and I was shocked to see Busola on drip. I walked to her

“Busola what is happening?” I asked her. She tried to adjust herself on the bed, but she couldn’t. She started:

“Banke I am sorry for all my wrongs, I made Patrick cheat on you, I am very sorry, I would undo it if I could.” I looked at her and she looked so sad. I just told her

“Busola lets put that aside for now, that is not important, just tell me what is wrong”. She held my hands and said

“Banke just forgive me first before I continue.” The tears in her eyes really touched me, but not to the extent of crying.

“I forgive you,” I told her

“so what is wrong with you?” I continued. Busola wiped her tears and said:

“This is my second year of living with HIV”. “What? Busola HIV.” By this time she could not look at me. I had to ask more questions

“How did you get it, does Patrick have it? Why didn’t you…” she cut me short “I got it from my wayward lifestyle, Patrick does not have it I stopped sleeping with him when I discovered I had it”. I could not control the tears in my eyes

“so how long do you have to live?” I was waiting for her reply, I turned around and her eyes were closed, she was motionless, I checked for her heartbeat, but I got none. I ran to the nurse in the reception to get her, and Seun saw me. She ran after me, and the rest followed. Before I knew it the room was crowded with my friends and Patrick’s minions. The nurse did the usual to check if Busola was alive. She turned to us and said,

“I am very sorry, but your friend is dead”. It was a long fall to the ground when Jason caught me. He hugged me so tight and said “I am so sorry Banke”. I tried to fight from his grip, but my fight was pointless, I had no strength in me. I could not stop the stream of tears from flowing.

Seun could not come to console me she needed the consoling also. Seun broke down in tears immediately I did, same with Annie and Tola.

Patrick walked out of the hospital while the rest of us went to wait in the reception. It had now gone to three hours since Peju was in the labor room.

The doctor came towards us and asked for me. “Doctor I am not the husband are you sure she asked for me?” I asked him. He said:

“You are the person that brought her to the hospital, and it is you she asked for”. I left my friends and followed him. I got into Peju’s room and she stretched out her hand for me to hold. I grabbed her hand and held it so tight. “I had twins.” Peju said. I was so happy and amidst my tears I managed to say

“Congrats dear, I am so happy for you and Patrick, where are they? Can I see them?”

She started crying with so much pain written on her face

“I lost them, my babies died,” she said. Immediately, I released her hand.

“I am so sorry Peju, we also lost Busola about two hours ago.” I told her. I grabbed a chair and sat next to her. We were both crying, why did this happen, we lost three dear people within three hours. At this time Patrick came in and was confused why his wife did not ask for him.  Peju turned away from Patrick, and he gave me a questioning look.

“I am sorry Patrick, you had twins, but I am afraid they died.” I answered his unasked question. For the first time I saw Patrick cry with so much pain.

Peju interrupted us

“Patrick, I don’t want to ever see you in my life, this marriage is over, you can burn my things, but we are over.” I was so shocked when she said this, I could not believe my ears. Patrick had no strength left in him to beg; he must be feeling more pains than I did.

Patrick left the hospital immediately. I went to the reception and told my friends everything that happened, starting from how Busola had HIV, and the affair between Busola and Patrick, and how Peju lost her twins and called it quit with Patrick.

I went back to meet Peju, and suddenly my phone rang; I answered the call and the person on the end said:

“Good day, I am sorry I don’t know your name, but there was an accident involving one Mr. Patrick, and I had to call your number because it was stored with ‘My first love’ I am sorry ma’am but he is dead”

My phone dropped to the ground, and I told Peju what happened.

Everything that happened today affected me greatly, but I Keep holding on to God, for his word said:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
 and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. PROVERBS 3:5-6



Hello guys, this is just a new year gift, i hope you all enjoy it. Please drop your comments and feel free to criticise. 


“Banke lets go out, it’s been over a month since the wedding incident happened, you need to get some fresh air”.

Seun had practically been living with me since my heart was smashed, she went to work from my house, and we went to church together.

“Seun what do you want us to do this time, go to another wedding where its my next crush getting married?”

I have no idea what this girl wants from me. Is it hard for her to let me wallow in self-pity. I wonder what she wants us to do. Like she read my thought, immediately she shouted “lets go clubbing”. There was no way that was an option. I am trying to be sober and she wants to surround me with alcohol. “no way” I replied.

“Ok, fine lets go to the movies. That should be more fun?”

She looked at me and I showed no reaction to her suggestion. She was smart enough to also know that was not an option.

“I can do the beach if you are up for it”. I said

Without a reply from Seun, she jumped at the suggestion. “I will grab the cooler and the snacks, you grab the mat.”

We left the living room immediately, Seun went to the kitchen and I went upstairs. I grabbed the mat and my purse and went downstairs to wait for her. I was just going to the beach, there was no need for make up besides the water would wipe it away anyways. I know of waterproof makeup, don’t judge me, I didn’t just want to wear any makeup.

“Banke are you ready?” Seun shouted from her room.

“I am, please be fast and don’t make me change my mind”. I replied her; before I knew it she was right in front of me.

She knows when I change my mind my ‘no’ is ‘no’. Seun threw the key at me “you are driving” she said. I just sighed, and we both left.

Throughout the drive to Lekki beach, Seun was just applying makeup. Well, when she is on the search for someone she never gives up. The fact that Jason was interested in me and not her did not affect her for a bit. Sometimes I wish I had a heart like hers made out of steel.

We got to the beach; I didn’t know Seun had called up some friends. There were about three other girls waiting for us. They were my friends too, they knew what happened to me so they were very happy to see me out on the beach. We sat in a circle on the small mat I brought, everyone helped herself to a can of soda, and some snacks.

We were all just having some random talks when Annie one of the girls said “Banke please what was Patrick’s reason for that immature behavior of his?”. All eyes were now fixed on me waiting for that spectacular answer I was going to give them.

“We really should not be talking about Patrick right now, we are here to have fun, so lets have fun.” I answered them with a fake smile on my face.

“No no no, Banke you are not leaving this question unanswered, you better start talking girl” trust that to be Seun talking.

“Ok, fine, I would talk, he came into my room when I was headed for the bathroom, and said I should allow him explain.”

Now it felt like they were using their eyes to break my skull.

“Did you give him a chance to explain? Tola said, also one of the girls.

“Yes I did, I told him he had only one minute”

They were staring at me and I could hear them ask for more even if there mouths did not move.

I continued my narration, mimicking his voice “My mum forced me to marry her because she claimed to be pregnant for me, and yes while we were dating, I cheated on you, and I am sorry about that”.

I kept quiet and was waiting for their response, but they were all quiet for the first 80 seconds, I did count it in my head.

“Whatttttttttt?” that was Busola, the last girl in the group who doesn’t take rubbish.

“Hello ladies” a familiar voice came from behind. “You must be a fool, I mean you are just very stupid, you cheated on my friend and you come here pretending to be Mr. nice” those were Busola’s words.

I turned around and I saw Patrick. Why does he appear everywhere I go? The weirdest thing was that he came with his wife. I wish it was possible to hate her, but she looked so lovely, calm, heavily pregnant and pretty.

Jason and Henry were also with them. They just kept mute to themselves.

Busola stood up and walked towards Patrick, pulled him away, and she was shouting at him, that I was sure off. I just didn’t know what they were talking about. Jason and Henry sat down on our tiny mat to join in the group talk. I stood up, and excused myself. I asked Patrick’s wife for a walk, we needed to get this sorted out. We walked faraway from them.

“When did Patrick start seeing you?” I asked her.

“It has been over a year.”  She said. That was a lot to take in. “I am sorry, why are you asking? Is any of this meant to be your business?” she said.

I looked at her, I was beginning to have rage grow inside me, and it was growing fast.

“Sorry I am asking, but I was once engaged to Patrick.” I answered her.

“What, what do you mean? It was your friend Busola he was engaged to, I saw picture of them together, and I saw the ring he proposed to her with, he told me everything.”

When Patrick’s wife said this, I was dumbfounded; I didn’t know when her water broke.

“Hospital, hospital please…. Please call Patrick to take me to the hospital”. Do I call him, or do I take her myself?



I woke up and found myself on my bed. Tried to sit up straight but I could not move my head, I was having a throbbing headache, I needed to breathe in aspirin. I checked my bed drawer and reached out for my aspirin. There is usually a bottle of water by my bed lamp, so I helped myself to it. After about 30 minutes I got up, wore my housecoat and headed downstairs. From the stairs I heard my television. I tiptoed to the kitchen and grabbed my mop stick, I continued tiptoeing to the living room and hit the mop stick on the person’s head.

“Oh my, Banke what did you do?” I heard someone shout from the stairs.

Immediately I ran to the front of whom I hit and it was that gorgeously good-looking guy from the wedding.

“Oh uhm…. You uhm I am so sorry, oh my gosh, I am really sorry….” I had lost the strength to complete a sentence.

It was so weird that his reaction was just a killer smile and he had the best pair of dimples I had ever seen on a man.

He just stood up and said, “it’s ok Banke”.

I had no idea what he was doing in my house, I tried to remember what happened yesterday and I just fell to the floor sobbing.

“What happened to me Seun?” I asked Seun while she and the cute guy just stood staring down at me.

She replied almost immediately, “after you figured out the wedding was Patrick’s you rushed to the bar and got yourself drunk and passed out there, I tried to stop you, but Jason said to let you be, so after you passed out, Jason and I brought home”

I thought I was asking a rhetorical question, but after she answered me, I knew I needed the answers to refresh my memories.

“Who is Jason?” I asked Seun.

“He is one of Patrick’s close friends and he is also the person standing right before you”.

Oh the fine looking guy standing before me I thought to myself. I got of the floor with the help of Jason, and I sat on the couch. I decided I was done crying. I looked around the house and Seun had helped me remove everything that was connected to Patrick. She had done a good job.

I took Seun upstairs, after we excused ourselves from Jason. We ran upstairs like little children, and I slammed my door shut.

“What is the so called hot guy doing in my house?” I asked giving her a stern look to start talking.

“He helped us home last night” she answered with a shaky voice.

“Since when were you not able to drive?”

She looked like the cat had been let out of the bag.

“Ok I would be sincere, he helped us home last night because he is interested in you” she said,

“how is he interested in me when it’s you he came to ask for a dance.”

She smirked and said “he asked me for a dance so he could talk to me about wining you over for him”. I thought they were both crazy.

We were done with our girl talk and went downstairs. It was a big shocker when I saw Patrick with Jason and Henry. Henry was the only close friend of Patrick I knew. Immediately Seun and I saw the three most hot looking guys Lekki had to offer, in which one of them was a heart smasher. Yes, he didn’t just break my heart, he smashed my heart to pieces. I turned around to run back to my room.

Seun followed me “Banke lets just hear what he has to say, I know there is nothing to justify his actions, but remember the bible says forgive”.

Well because she mentioned forgiveness I followed her down. Did I forget to mention that I was still in my housecoat, so I looked totally rough.

“Patrick what do you want in my house?” I asked him with tears strolling down my eyes.

His appearance had made me start my journey of tears.

“Why Patrick, why?” I sat on the floor with my back resting on the wall and I buried my head in-between my legs.

Seun tried to stop me from crying, and again Jason said, “Seun let her cry it out”.

I looked up at Patrick and I had no reason why it hurt me to see tears stream down his eyes. He was meant to be the worst guy in the world, and all of a sudden he was acting all cute and cuddly. The living room was pin drop silent. I did not even know the television was off.

Jason came towards me, held my hands and pulled me to my feet. He gave me this almighty hug that I translated to be ‘it’s ok, now you are in my arms I would not let you get hurt’ . My tears soiled his shirt, and he planted a kiss on my fore head. I was shocked to my veins.

I ran to my room, it was time for me to have a shower. I didn’t care about the guests that were in my house, it was high time I stopped being a baby and became a lady. While I was walking into the bathroom, someone opened my door.

I turned around and Patrick said “Banke please allow me explain…”


Image   “Banke we have to go for my friend’s wedding together”.  Seun is at it again, I thought to myself. She happened to be one of those girls that has to go for one wedding every weekend. She claims she is gathering ideas for her wedding, well I know my friend is stalking the well made bachelors, she can save the lies for herself or whoever she thinks she can deceive. We have been friends for over 15 years, so I know all her dodgy ways. “I don’t have the aso-ebi and I don’t want to stand out” but this did not seem to move Seun. “don’t worry about that, leave that to me, and you have to stand out” Seun always has some funny ideas up her sleeve. What was she up to this time? I was done trying to predict her. I tried for 10 years and I failed for 7 years. You think you can predict a friend, not when you meet Seun she is totally unpredictable.

It is the weekend of the so-called wedding. I was not bothered that Seun was not here yet. I really was not interested in the wedding, well except for the fact that you get to meet the well to do Bachelors. A black Murano pulls in front of my house; behold Seun steps out after planting a kiss on the driver’s lips. What can I do about this my friend? Nothing, I just have to love her the way she is. I lost count of all the Lekki boys Seun has been with. “Banke, my sweetheart, its time for us to go and crash this wedding”. I know you are thinking ‘what kind of expensive jokes does Seun have?’ I gave her a bear hug, and we rushed in to dress up. I knew I said I was not interested in going for the wedding, but Seun’s presence turned my thoughts around. We got dressed and left for the wedding reception. The dress Seun brought for me was AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL she really does have a great fashion sense. Well she is a fashionista.

We got to the venue of the wedding reception and it was beautifully decorated. The reception smelt of class and had this exquisite look. Seun and I walked in and we stole the attention of the wedding for a minute. Seun dragged me to a table were we took our seats. The manner in which people stole glances at us made me feel like I was the bride, well maybe I was, but I didn’t just know. Tiwa Savage’s ‘Ife wa gbono’ started playing, and the MC called on people to start dancing. I searched around for the bride and groom, but I did not see any of them, I guessed they went to change their outfits.

Good looking bachelors from the North, East, South and West came to ask for a dance with Seun, well and I also but we decided we were not going to leave each other sitting alone, so we both turned them down. I knew her act was not going to hold up for long, well mine also. This gorgeously looking guy walked up to Seun, my eyes were stuck on him and I could steal him from her. I started wondering, what was in Seun that I didn’t have? Why didn’t this particular guy come to meet me? He had no rings on his finger, so automatically he was single, he smelt rich, when I mean smelling rich, I mean he smelt of ‘Giorgio Armani’ yes I can tell because I am a sucker ‘pour homme perfumes’. I could not take my eyes of this great creature of a man that God specially created. I would not go in details describing him so you don’t steal my future man with your thoughts. Well this particular man, Seun could not resist, she did not think twice, she left me to dance with him. Well I would have also done the same.  I had fun scouting around for the guy I was going to dance with, but I did not find any. I helped my self to some finger foods and a glass of champagne. When I was done eating I helped myself again to the dance floor, when suddenly I bumped into someone. I turned around and I saw Patrick.

Patrick is my fiancée and we were planning for our wedding for the next year. I had no idea how he got to this wedding, but well he was there to save me from dancing with myself. He was dressed like the groom himself he looked too good to be mine, but sorry ladies, he was mine. I started dancing with him, and he tried to talk to me, but I asked him to go with the flow and just dance with me like we came for the wedding together. The next moment I saw a very pretty woman standing before me, wearing matching attires with Patrick, little was I told, that this was Patrick’s wedding…

Letter to my next…

Dear Next

Allow me introduce myself, I am your next that you have been searching for, your missing rib, and the mother of your kids.

Don’t be offended I am taking so long to reach out to you

You see, I have been grooming myself for you

And I am sure with all the flings you have had, you have been groomed

Don’t expect me to call them relationships, I would not deceive you.

All my  exes ran back after the break-ups

They pleaded and demanded we make-up

But I cant be stupid twice

So I could not be nice

I could not accept them back

They had trained me to be a stronger woman for you

I decided not to hold on back to them, because if I did there would be no meeting point for us.

I am very simple to manage, although I am not a business

I am very fragile and need lots of care, although I am not an egg

I know you are very understanding, so stubbornness is my nature

Our love would not be a bed of roses, expect a few thorns

I have not exhausted my cooking on my ex, so dear next be ready to stop eating from take outs

I have not exhausted my dancing skills on my ex, so dear next be ready to stop watching strippers

I have not exhausted my singing skills, so be ready to stop listening to Tom Jones, Elvis Presley, Lucinda Williams and the likes (just kidding).

I hope you are ready to have the fun of your life, so I welcome you with open arms to this roller coaster of LOVE,

If you are not, don’t expect me to be here waiting, but definitely you will find me, it is never too late for you and I to show the world what true love is. I am patiently waiting for you, I heard love is patient, but I don’t know how long I can be patient for.

Dear next, I have to tell you the truth that you have not experienced love.

If you can count the raindrops, then you have an idea of my love towards you.

I have not met you yet, but I can say I am in love with you

Like they said, love is blind.

I don’t care about your past, just make me your present and your future

Yours loving

Your next

Dear Diary Episode 12

Folusho looked so helpless right there. “Tola please lets rush her to the hospital”. We took her to the hospital, I could hardly feel her pulse, I had never been this scared, although I was not her fan I did not want her to die. The doctor called Folusho into his office and broke some news to him. I wasn’t in, so I had no Idea what was happening. When Folusho walked out of the office, his eyes were blood red. “What happened?” I asked him. He turned to face me, and immediately gave me a big hug.

Me: Folusho, talk to me, what is happening

Folusho: Remember I told you she had aids

me: yes i remember, Folusho just tell me what happened I don’t like this suspense

Folusho: Tola, promise never to leave me…

Me: Folusho what are you talking about, I am right here, I am not going anywhere.

Folusho: Please just promise me that you would never leave me

Me: I promise I would never leave you, so tell me, what did the doctor say?

Folusho: she is dead, She could not fight it anymore.

Me: Oh my God, I am so sorry.

I had no idea when tears dropped from my eyes, all I knew was that I had no control of the tears. On our way out, Folusho asked one of the nurses that he wanted to see the corpse. We were taken to see it, and there he started crying again when her face was revealed. I could not bear the sight, I left the room and waited outside for him. I thought he needed some time with her. He came out to me after about 20 minutes which seemed like forever. I drove Folusho home, and stayed in with him. There was no way I was leaving him home alone, I called my Boss and explained the whole thing to him, so he said “take all the time you need off work”. I rang Dare and I told him, he told me he was on his way with Tade.

I heard the door bell, and I went to open the door. I hugged Folusho, and let him in. After he came in, Tade came in behind him. Now this is a shocker, it was not Tade my brother, it was Tade my dead ex. I stood there in shock, and the next thing I knew was that I was waking up in my dad’s hospital again.

I looked around, and the whole family was there. The first thing that came to my mouth was “where is Folusho?” “I am here” Folusho replied. His face looked so sad, but he managed to give me a smile amidst all the sadness. He kissed me on the fore head, and said you passed away on seeing Tade. “was it real or I saw a ghost?, was that really Tade” I asked Folusho. “yes Tola, it is really me”, He came to the other side of the bed. Everyone else in the room with me left. I was there with Tade and Folusho, the first and second loves of my life.

Effy rushed into the room, and immediately hugged me. “I am so sorry Tola, I had not been here for you, I am so sorry”. I just replied with a smile. I introduced Tola to Tade, she greeted Tade and Folusho. When I introduced her to Tade, she was shocked, “how, what how on earth did he come back from the dead?” she asked. That is a question I have not asked. I was discharged that friday night. A lot had happened in just 24 hours. My dad insisted on driving me home. I was alone in the car with my dad, I think My dad figured it was time for a father daughter discussion.

My dad: Tola, I understand this is going to be a difficult decision for you.

Me: Daddy I am happy you agree with me. I totally don’t know what to do.

My dad: Are you in love with Folusho?

Me: Yes Daddy

My dad: If you are in love with Folusho, let Tade remain in your past.

Me: Daddy I wish its that easy.

My dad; I know you were head over heels for Tade, it took you a long time, but you were able to get over him and move on, his re-appearance should not hold you back.

Me; ok daddy, I would think about it.

My dad: please baby girl, do think about it. I am here if you need any help.

Me: Thanks daddy, I love you

My dad: I love you to Tola, I love you more than you can imagine.

My dad made me feel better, and I was actually blushing. When we got home, the house was packed with everyone from the hospital. My mum, My sister, my two brothers, Folusho, Tade, Effy, Isa, my boss, chief Olawepo, my colleagues from work. I never knew people loved me this much, it was also sort off awkward having everyone in my house at the same time. My mum made dinner for everyone, and it was a wonderful night. I retired to sleep, and everyone left. Folusho stayed with me, Tade stayed in the lounge, and refused to go, Isa got to know Tade and he also stayed in the lounge with Tade.

The next morning, I woke up to breakfast in bed. My mum did not want me stressing myself. I asked Effy to go home and rest, she also stayed over. After my breakfast, I had my bath, and went to sit by the pool. I had to do some thinking. I was there alone for about an hour. I did not know when Tade came behind me. I am talking bout Tade my ex.

Tade: Hi Tola

Me: Hi

Tade: Can i sit with you? I know we have to talk.

Me: sure you can.

Tade: before you ask, let me narrate the whole story of why I am here

Me: ok, shoot.

Tade: Since the plain crash happened, I had been in a coma, I only got out a week ago, and I headed home from India where I was under medication, no one in my family knew about it. When my family saw me, they also thought I was a ghost. After re-connecting with my family, I headed down here, and that was when I met Dare, and he told me all that had happened since I left, how it took you forever to move past me. I am not here to win you back. You have moved on, and Dare told me you are very happy with Folusho. Please don’t make this hard for yourself, I want you to be with Folusho, I have talked to him, and he would do a really good job in taking care of you, even though it was meant to be my job.

Tade did not know I was crying, until he turned to face me. He held my hand and pulled me to stand. I hugged him so tight, and my face was buried in his shirt, my tears made tears mark on his shirt. Even if I wanted to say anything to Tade, I couldn’t find the words to use. I was as good as thoughtless as a blank page.

With the conclusions drawn from my thinking, it was hard to say who I was going to be with. Tade was my first Love, It was difficult getting over him, and now that he is back, old wounds are opened. It would be bad if after growing to be crazily in love with Folusho, I abandoned him. Not even at this time, when he has lost his ex-wife to death. If I leave Folusho, he would get over it, and he would move on. Tade had been in a coma, I always saw myself as his wife, and he did a very good job taking care of me even if he said Folusho would do a good job.

Later that saturday afternoon, everyone from last night was in my house. I was pulled into the house by Tade. He was holding my hands like he did when we were together. He always held my hand like I was his little girl that he was not going to let go. Immediately I got in and I saw everyone, I said ‘hi’ to everyone. Tade was still holding me, suddenly, Folusho came kneeling down in front of me.

Folusho: “Tola would you marry me?” Tears were dripping down my eyes again, the room was as silent as a grave yard. I looked at Tade, and his eyes were fixed on the ring. Honestly he looked like he was going to cry. He let my hand go, and he said to Folusho “make sure you take care of her, she was my shining star, and she still is, so if you fail at your job, trust me to hunt you down” after saying this, he took two steps back. Everyone was still quiet, they were all waiting for my answer, I looked at my dad, and he winked at me.

“Yes I will” immediately Folusho put this beautiful diamond stone on my finger, and he lifted me off my feet and kissed me. Then he turned to Tade and said “she was your shining star, but she is my sunshine, I promise to take care of her till the last drop of my blood”. There was merriment in the house.


This is where my diary ends. I hope you all enjoyed the story of my life?

Dear Diary Episode 11

“Good evening sir” I said to Chief Olawepo. I did not bother to look at Folusho, but sincerely speaking he was looking really good. I had a taste of that good look *wink wink*.


me: This is Isa


Chief Olawepo: oh, hello young man


Isa: Gud evening sir


Is this your reason for not answering my call? (pointing at Isa). Sir I can’t see you again, you are Folusho’s father, and I am guessing Folusho has told you he proposed to me several times, even now that I am done with him, I still cant see you. I decided to live a life free of men. The moment I said this, all three men gave me a strong look, I could not describe this look. Chief Olawepo said “well, do whatever you like, as long as it makes you happy.” before I could reply, Folusho walked away with his father.

When they walked away, Isa asked “what was all that about?” I explained the whole thing to Isa, and he seemed to understand why I decided I was staying off men. We ended the night on a good note, and Isa took me home. The next day, I went to work, I would be lying if I said I didn’t expect a lecture from my boss. Getting to the office, I already had a message waiting. I went to my office, and sat by my table. “where is Tola, is she not around?” I already heard my boss calling for me. I went to his office and sat down. He came in and started his lecturing. Chief said he saw you in the restaurant with another man, can I get an explanation to that?

me; Sir there is nothing much to explain about it, it is pretty much self-explanatory


my Boss: well I want to hear from you.


me: Sir I am sure Chief Olawepo did not tell you he is Folusho’s father…


my boss: whattttttt? what are you talking about?


me: I thought so, Folusho that I was going to marry, is the son to Chief.


my boss: You can return to your office, thanks for the information.


I returned to my office and continued my paper work. The least I expected was that Chief would have told my boss he is the father to the person I was going to marry.

Getting home, I met Dare in the lounge. Dare beckoned to me to take my seat, that he wanted to talk to me. I sat down and I thought this had to be an interesting conversation. We had a long discussion, about Folusho. It’s quite funny how Dare still wanted me to marry Folusho. He must really love Folusho, I thought I was meant to be the person doing the ‘loving’. I made it clear to Dare that if Folusho still wanted me, he had a lot to do. On wednesday, I went to the gym 18:00 and Folusho was there. I had to deal with not looking at him. Folusho had become a well toned man, its hard to believe I was going to marry him, he looks to good. It was a tough job trying not to look at Folusho. I was on the treadmill doing my thing when a light skinned girl approached Folusho. I know I said I was trying hard not to look at Folusho, but I could not keep my eyes off Folusho. When this girl approached Folusho, she did not leave him alone ooo. She kept on flirting with him, I could hear her laughter and Folusho’s manly voice. I would confess, I was jealous, totally jealous. I turned of the treadmill, I was done for the day, and the presence of Folusho sent me away. I walked out of the gym, and Folusho came running after me.


Folusho: Hey babe


Me: how can I help you


Folusho: I am sorry about that


Me: Sorry about what? I don’t understand what you are talking about.


Folusho: Tola stop this, I know you saw that girl flirting with me.


Me: Even if I saw anything, I don’t want any explanations. I meant it when I said we were over.


Folusho: Please give me five minutes of your time Tola, I want to tell you a few things.


I was going to push Folusho away, I had enough of his explanations already, I was not interested in another one. I was about to ask him to leave, when the fair girl ran to him and asked if he was going. I had to change my mind immediately. I turned to the lady and tole her to please excuse us, that we wanted to talk. obviously, she gave me *evils* and walked away.

Folusho started his long story, to cut it short. Folusho’s ex-wife had been hanging around because she lost her son to hiv, and she had become a victim of hiv also. The doctor told her she had less than 6 months left, so she decided to spend her last six months with Folusho. Folusho also told me there was nothing that was happening between them. I became sad for her, I felt I had treated her in a bad way, but I did no such thing. I asked Folusho to tell me bout his parent, how Chief Olawepo is his father and I didn’t know. Folusho started with how he had a horrible childhood, he was abandoned, and Chief Olawepo adopted him, this was why he never talked about his childhood. This was really a pathetic story.

Folusho and I got back together, and everything was going well this time. I told Isa about it, but he decided he was going to hang around as my friend. In a way I was wishing I had my time with Isa, but I couldn’t so it was helpful to keep him as a friend. I introduced Isa to Folusho officially, and they all seemed to be good friends, sometimes when I got home, I met Dare with Folusho and Isa, this was always a good sight.

On friday after work, I decided to surprise Folusho as I usually did. I got to his house, and opening the door, I met Folusho on the floor with his ex-wife……….